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25-05-05, 16:21
την περιμέναμε πολύ καιρό επιτέλους βγήκε

κατεβάστε την από εδώ shareaza beta (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=110672&package_id=119725&release_id=336407)

το changelog είναι εδώ σε σχέση με την προηγούμενη έκδοση πολλές οι αλλαγές (http://forums.shareaza.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=40108)

κ;αλό θα είναι να κάνετε καθαρή εγκατάσταση και να ξαναεγκαταστήσετε το patch για το SP2 των windows XP από εδώ (http://www.adslgr.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=1663)

:thumb_dup :thumb_dup :thumb_dup

οποιος έχει την προηγούμενη beta μπορεί να κάνει εγκατάσταση χωρίς να αφαιρέσει την παλιά beta

26-05-05, 11:01
Shareaza Changelog

Shareaza 2.2 Alpha Cycle (2.1.1)


Tweaked neighbor handshakes on connection.

Changed font settings to specify a unified default font, stored in registry.

Tweaked bandwidth limiting settings.

Tweaked BitTorrent source counting.

Fixed an allocation bug for BitTorrent uploads.

Improved the simple download progress bar.

Added an option to ignore BitTorrent errors (BitTorrent.IgnoreErrors).

Additional connection data stored about BitTorrent trackers.

Host cache checks own IP before adding clients.

Host cache checks security before adding clients.

Optimized quickstart wizard ed2k setup.

Reduced un-necessary webcache queries.

Discovery services better at selecting appropriate service to query.

Improved detection of duplicate webcaches.

Discovery services filter invalid responses a little better.

Significant BitTorrent incompatibility fixed.

Display additional information about torrents in dialog.

More information read from torrents, saved.

Improved BitTorrent client detection, adding support for numerous additional clients.

Added eDonkey2000 server help to aid users with no servers in their eDonkey2000 host cache.

Added leaf preferencing for hubs based on whether or not they are using a current version of their software.

Added obsolete client detection.

Tweaked the maximum for the download source settings.

Fixed a eDonkey2000 problem where Shareaza associated a GUID with a GetSources request. (Causing "lost" searches)

Improved the .torrent handling, implementing support for multiple encoding formats.

Visually improved the discovery service display to show which cache supports multiple networks.

Tweaked an eDonkey2000 "endgame" mode to help downloads.

Changed bandwidth and queue limiting settings to drop down boxes, enhancing usability.

Improved the handling of eDonkey2000 uploads by optimizing the queue rank packet.

Reorganized and consolidated many settings into an easier, more accessible format.

Tweaked loads of settings for specific connection types in the quickstart wizard.

Queue limiter displays 'MAX' if unlimited.

Torrent decoding improved for unexpected code pages.

Progress bar switches to percent completion if there isn't enough space.

Bug with ED2K file comments corrected.

BT Tracker communication optimized.

Support for ed2k 'long strings' added.

Memory leak while loading fixed.

Added limiting and a throttle to the manual 'Find More Sources' command to prevent network abuse.

Fixed an incompatibility with the remote, where a user would forget to add the trailing slash.

Added simple progress bar option for slower machines.

Max queue setting displays warning if set to sub-optimal value.

Memory leak in remote fixed.

Fixed a crash related to the search detail panel.

ED2K search results go to correct window.

Fixed a display problem with the search filter.

Fixed a crash related to source sorting.

Search result display problem corrected.

Added reconnection detect option.

Added connection status checks.

Added advanced panel for searching, and added the option to specify file size.

Improved search panel in low-res modes.

Significantly improved disk status checks.

Fixed an issue with a BitTorrent tracker returning an invalid (null) response.

Tweaked the search help function.

Stretchable boxes can no longer have a negative height.

Modified bad search detection.

Improved .torrent reading capabilities.

Fixed an issue with the dialog boxes on the code page.

Renamed 'Complete Files' Queue to 'All Files'

Tweaked connection behavior when starting a download.

Enhanced local eDonkey2000 source priorities and handling.

Optimized BitTorrent source handling and tracker communication.

Fixed a crash related to the upload queues.

Added additional support for eDonkey2000 URIs, such as reading of the AICH hash and alternate sources.

Tweaked various connection query throttles.

Enhanced peer requests while seeding a torrent.

New 'View Reviews' option shows any applicable reviews or comments for a file in the download window.

Added support for receiving eDonkey2000 file comments.

Disabled Chat/Browse functionality for eDonkey2000 servers.

Added a display of the number of eDonkey2000 servers queried while searching.

Added support for correct UDP flags when communicating with an eDonkey2000 sever.

Neighbors are no longer queried for searches if the node hasn't finished connecting to them.

Fixed a Unicode logging bug.

Optimized source lookup time limits.

Internally enhanced Unicode handling in a couple areas.

Added support for Unicode characters in a URN.

Tweaked a couple of download dialogs.

Changed Gnutella2.RequeryDelay units to hours.

Updated the home page torrent box.

Optimized query compatibility with different server versions.

Implemented support for new searches including file size for greater accuracy.

New eDonkey2000 throttles added in the advanced settings.

Added more statistics and data for eDonkey Servers.

Fixed a bug with sharing mp3 bitrates over eDonkey2000.

Fixed an assert error.

Improved eDonkey2000 queue checks.

Fixed a memory leak when searching over eDonkey2000.

User-Agent filters now apply to neighbor connections.

Fixed memory leak related to BitTorrent seeding.

Improved queues, which now always return '404 Not Found' errors to non-uploadable files.

Memory leak in discovery services fixed.

Improved BitTorrent connection limiting.

Fixed a small memory leak in eDonkey2000 packet decompression.

Created a new option for BitTorrent download limiting.

Added hard limit of 64 for HTTP queues.

Added advanced setting eDonkey.PacketThrottle to control packet send time over ed2k.

Added more support for reading eDonkey2000 server responses.

Added more unicode functionality to eDonkey2000 support.

Added checking and verification of the BitTorrent download path.

Added a spam filter for chat messages.

Implemented full eDonkey2000 chat support.

Added detection of invalid upload ranges.

Added MLDonkey identification over eDonkey2000.

Tweaked the way registry errors are displayed

Significantly improved discovery services queries and tweaked their storage.

Added support for client to client unicode communication.

Added internal ability to count host cache entries.

Added support for receiving eDonkey2000 messages.

Upload queues verified after load.

Added additional BitTorrent queue settings.

Improved outbound bandwidth settings check.

Torrents limit improved (bandwidth checked).

Fixed BitTorrent seeding announce bug.

Fixed eDonkey2000 search bug.

Improved efficiency of connecting to neigbours.

Added support for torrent tracker 'key' value.

Fixed incompatibility with some trackers.

Full Shareaza version now sent over eDonkey2000.

Cleaned up settings code.

Fixed issue with Shareaza communicating with newer eMule clients.

Modified BitTorrent Endgame mode to be more efficient.

Removed support for the obsolete Gnutella 0.4 protocol.

Improved communication with eDonkey2000 servers.

Added support for more eDonkey metadata tags, unicode, and new tags.

Tweaked the local check when UltraPeer mode is forced.

Increased the default setting for eDonkey.ReAskTime.

xMule and aMule added to recognized clients.

Upload and download help improved.

Upload and download right click menus improved.

Icon added for Torrent Info.

BT error handling improved.

Right-click queue settings option added

HTTP guard queue added.

Can chat/browse un-firewalled Shareaza clients over other protocols.

Maintain ratio option added for torrents.

Default hashing speed option added

UI/menu tweaks.

Tweaked eDonkey2000 ranking packet timing.

eDonkey2000 source throttle added.

Currently downloading files preferenced if ed2k file list limited.

New option to limit list of files sent to ed2k servers.

Settings page updated.

eDonkey2000 queues checked before file list generated.

HTTP queues checked before file included in hash table.

Neighbour throttle improved.

Physical memory detection updated for clients with 4GB+

Several leaf/hub counting functions have been improved.

Download help updated

G1 ultrapeer and G2 hub mode separated.

Status bar displays Hub/Ultrapeer in power view.

Stats for ultrapeer mode added.

Hub/Ultrapeer capability detection functions improved.

G1 mode selector re-enabled in Gnutella settings.

Option for BT numwant parameter to be added to announce.

Added setting for the percentage of your connection that BitTorrent takes.

Made sending the eD2k queue position more efficient.

BitTorrent 'Queue' displays totals.

ReleaseBuffer() added to avoid possible memory leak.

Home tab glitch fixed.

Uploader bonus defaults to 'on' for ed2k/partial queues.

Fixed crash caused by a typo in library folder handling.

Added 'uploader bonus' option to reward uploaders with more bandwidth

Tweaked some wizard settings.

Fixed string handling bug in library.

Updated Gnutella settings page.

Increased dialog box spacing.

The security filter now automatically converts uppercase keywords to lowercase when loading from disk, fixing an issue with unblocked keywords.

Replaced 'MakeLower()' and 'MakeUpper()' for case conversion, to aid compatibility.

Fixed a bug relating to the time column in the "networks" section.

Fixed a TigerTree display bug in the tooltip.

Modified the "sources" string.

Improved bad search string detection, preventing spam and suboptimal searches.

Neighbours window and tool tip translation support added.

Fixed bug where inactive queues counted towards total displayed.

High bandwidth nodes now default to 400 leaves in hub mode.

'Sources wanted' setting added for eDonkey2000.

Added a Shareaza Scheduler, allowing a user to set Shareaza to manage bandwidth and networks usage at predefined times.

Added discovery service classification (in gwebcache.txt) to eliminate unnecessary queries and speed connection.

Added an internal "Trying" status for BitTorrent download, enhancing download management.

Changed the "Downloading" and "Existing" colors on the search hits.

Fixed text color bug on search tooltip.

Added an Adult content filter.

Added "Security Help" to help menu.

Tweaked searching behavior for eDonkey2000 searches.

Improved translation support in a few areas, to make translating an easier task.


Added some query limiting to prevent against damaging hubs.

Improved the hash progress noification.

Removed the "Click The Connect Button" message with the Navbar enabled.

Library panel on the home page is now updated better with hashing.

Improved update detection with manual upgrades.

Tweaked skin info column widths.

Improved windows XP detection for localized versions.

Warnings for shared files changing size removed, they are redundant while monitoring last modified time.

Long paths are now truncated in the library meta panel.

Renamed 'Type' column to 'Extension' in the library, eliminating a duplicate schema.

Fixed an issue with the auto-block interfering with remote access, by accessing favico.ico.

Improved the accuracy of the search spam filter by optimizing case conversion.

Improved detection of bad ultrapeers.

Fixed the eDonkey2000 partial file importer, which couldn't import newer incomplete downloads.

Improved translation support in a couple areas for schemas and metadata.

Cleaned up a few unnecessary Unicode #ifdefs from the metadata panel.

Added more space for the new size search criteria, to accommodate translation.

Changed the search detail window to update only when visible.

Tweaked the bandwidth units in the connection panel of the settings.

Added translation support for the new advanced search box.

Optimized the host cache window to reduce resource usage.

Improved the handling of diacritical characters in Windows NT.

Improved the detection of duplicate file reviews.

Removed an unnecessary 'Partially Visible' status related to window viewing/updating.

Fixed a problem with Greek sigma characters when converting to lowercase.

Improved scheme numeric validation.

Fixed a bug with bad audio and video time displays.

Improved the lowercase conversion function

Fixed a bunch of Schema typos and display issues in multiple languages.

Fixed a related searches bug and enhanced Windows 9x compatibility

Fixed some issues with case conversion, including a crash on Windows 9x.

Fixed a problem when searching for unicode keywords.

Enhanced eBook support in the schemas.

Added a new video type to the schemas.

Added a few new subtitle extensions.

Fixed a translation issue with a metadata dialog.

Tweaked the BitTorrent setting page for translation compatibility.

Improved the localized metadata function.

Added some new music genres.

Escaped ellipses characters to aid compilation compatibility.

Changed metadata rebuilding restrictions on 'mp3' files.

Tweaked the search string storage.

Windows not being viewed no longer refresh, reducing resource consumption.

Capped a deep memory leak in the library builder.

Fixed a crash on startup with new library schemas.

Fixed a problem with BitTorrent and UTF-8.

Trimmed the album folder name size.

Added a few more music genres to the ID3 tag list.

Fixed an issue with translations in the tray icon tooltip

Reduced the size of the Search Results tooltip.

Parentheses are now allowed in album titles.

Implemented CHM metadata extraction.

Added "My Documents" folder to the virtual library.

Fixed issues with Shareaza extracting data from PDF Files.

Modified the library to match the Album folder name with the ID3 Album Name.

Fixed a bug with "Shared Folders" in the library.

Added new library and search icons.

Fixed a bug with ID3 Extraction.

Tweaked the space for the default tracker setting.

Added translation support for list headers.

Improved share dialog boxes.

Added translation support for the tooltip in the settings.

Added translation support for combo/drop down boxes.

Added translation support for the 'File Properties' tab.

Added translation support for the 'Search Folder' feature.

Fixed an issue with displaying extended Unicode Characters in the Language Dialog, Library Header and Metadata.

Improved translation support in folder and album tips.

Made a minor change to checkbox labels to make more room for translated strings.


Improved HTTP source part selection and efficiency.

Fixed a deadlock in the URI export dialog.

Optimized the Query Hash Table to be more efficient and reduce resource usage.

Added endgame mode option for eDonkey2000.

Improved permission handling for files that are currently being uploaded.

Further improved incomplete download handling, copying across drives to prevent download loss.

Fixed a crash related to the library's open file dialog.

Tweaked the download code to reduce resource usage.

Reduced resource usage by optimizing locks in the transfer code.

Fixed a crash when deleting a BitTorrent download.

Fixed the size of a download buffer.

Put in checks to limit saving of high sourced files.

Optimized the download serialization buffer to improve performance.

Added more eDonkey2000 debug log info.

Closed a memory leak related to image handling.

Fixed an eDonkey2000 protocol conformance issue where Shareaza would unnecessarily ask for the file size.

Capped a connection related memory leak.

Fixed a GUID concurrency/deadlock issue.

Optimized case insensitive search strings.

Fixed formatting on a huge amount of strings.

Capped a couple potential buffer overrun problems.

Fixed an issue with the neighbor transfer overhead display.

Further optimized Rolandas' lowercase conversion function.

Changed hashing behavior to not hash files that are being externally written to.

Multi-file BitTorrent download extraction improved to unpack it piece by piece.

If the completed download folder is full or invalid, Shareaza will rename/extract the file in its current location.

Fixed a transfer related lock issue.

Overhauled the Library locks/unlocks to eliminate many freezes and crashes related to the library.

Removed unneeded '#ifdef' statements for unicode.

Enhanced transfer code by moving conditional statements out of loops, reducing loop processing time.

Rewrote the FileFragment system, significantly optimizing Shareaza's handling of file chunks.

Moved multiple variable definitions out of 'for' loop statements for compatibility purposes.

Converted window macros to a template based system to conform with the variable definition change and to enhance future compatibility.


Fixed a library loop bug.

Reorganized and consolidated many settings into an easier, more accessible format.

Tweaked the bandwidth display in the connection panel of the settings.

Added ddvanced settings Gnutella1.QuerySearchUTF8 and Gnutella1.QueryHitUTF8 for the new Gnutella UTF-8 query support, disabled by default.

Optimized the host cache window to reduce resource usage.

Increased the label space for the profile identity area for translations.

Fixed a small issue with the icon when expanding or contracting download sources.

Removed the unused lib 'comdlg32.lib' from dependencies

Saved 'CtrlWndTabBar.cpp' as unicode to fix an issues for asian developers.

Made the ed2k part importer compatible with VS.NET 2005.

Implemented skin support for dynamically linked builds.

Fixed an assert warning for debug builds.

Added "Euro House" and "Dance Hall" to the list of ID3 Genres.

Changed a string, and made a minor cosmetic change to the "Advanced Edit" screen.

Added zLib to the CVS, included into source by default.


Changed disk space checks to only look in the necessary location, fixing a number of issues.

Added advanced setting Discovery.CacheCount to limit the amount of discovery services stored per network

Fixed issue where Shareaza did not save the high priority hashing setting.

Cleaned up settings updater code.

Changed the "No Sources" download status to "Searching."

Fixed the X-Thex-URI header in HTTP transfers.

Shareaza now correctly detects GWebCaches that support both G2 and G1 hosts.


Added detection of Gnutella alt-locs from a queryhit.

Fixed a bug with GGEP blocks.

Added log file "maximum size" setting.

Crawler response updated.

Assert causing G1 crashes removed.


HTTP and FTP sources can now be added without a SHA1 hash.

Fixed a issues relating to a library crash when moving big files.

Implemented passive, anonymous FTP download support.


Fixed a problem with bandwidth units when modifying settings.

Implemented the feature to save a configured search filter, and load it at a later time.

Fixed a bug in the source count in Remote Access.

Added "Find More Sources" to the Remote Access.


Fixed some bugs with multi-monitor support.

Improved a manual URN search (entered as text).

Fixed a possible deadlock while browsing a disk.

Ghost file hits no longer affect source status (busy, firewalled, stability), previewing or icons.


Tweaked the zLib buffer size estimation.

Tweaked the Download ToolTip and neighbor tooltip to show compression and TTH.


Fixed the version display of the BitTorrent client 'Burst'.

Added the eDonkey2000 hash to the library tooltip.


Added more keyboard shortcuts to source selection in the transfer area.

Added some keyboard shortcuts.


Added setting Gnutella2.PingRelayLimit which adjusts the amount of pings a hub will send.

Improved ping management for hubs and leaves, reducing ping traffic significantly.


Added a massive amounts of code comments related to the neighbor, buffer, handshake and connection sections of Shareaza.


Added support for 32 bit and 16 bit bitmap images.


Fixed a bug where shareaza incorrectly detected free disk space.

FrYGuY and jlh

Day added to timers.


Mouseover ToolTips improved.


Added mouse scroll wheel support to system window.


Improved the "CRAWLA" packet to allow hub and leaf seperation.


Fixed a bug where Shareaza internally miscounted eD2k Discovery Services.


Tweaked emoticon handling to allow for some emoticons hidden in text to be parsed.


Added support for Gnutella UTF-8 queries


Added support for reading of eDonkey2000 and TigerTree hashes from a .torrent.

μετά από 150 alpha εκδόσεις και πολύ τεστάρισμα το shareaza επιστρέφει ακόμα καλύτερο ;)

02-06-05, 22:35
Μόλις εγκατέστησα την νέα version.
Από την πρώτη ματιά το μάτι έπεσε στα settings:

Clear downloaded torrents when the share radio reaches 120%

Το δοκιμάζω και ελπίζω να έχω καλές εντυπώσεις.

03-06-05, 07:50
οι μεγαλύτερες βελτιώσεις είναι στα torrents και εκει που έπασχε περισσότερο δηλαδή στο edonkey. επίσης ρίξε μια ματιά στα:
υπάρχει πλέον δυνατότητα chat και με clients του emule
μπορείς πλεον να δεις πως έχουν βαθμολογήσει αρχεία οι χρήστες του emule + κριτική χρηστών του emule

03-06-05, 21:22
ρε παιδεσ εγω που εχω αρχεια σε λιστα για να κατεβουν τι κανώ¨δεν θελω να χασω αυτα που τα εχω να κατεβουν

03-06-05, 21:30
ρε παιδεσ εγω που εχω αρχεια σε λιστα για να κατεβουν τι κανώ¨δεν θελω να χασω αυτα που τα εχω να κατεβουν

μπορείς να το περάσεις πάνω από την παλιά έκδοση.
θα είναι πολύ καλύτερα να κάνεις καθαρή εγκατάσταση.
Αν τα incomplete και τα downloads σου είναι στους default φακελους, δηλαδή στα C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Downloads και C:\Program Files\Shareaza\Incomplete όταν κάνεις καθαρή εγκατάσταση δεν θα έχεις πρόβλημα. μολις ανοίξεις το shareaza θα τα αναγνωρίσει αμέσως.
Αν τα αρχεία τα σώζεις σε αλλο φάκελο τότε αμέσως μετά θα πας στο tools-->internet-->downloads και στις 2 επιλογές θα βάλεις τους φακέλους downloads και incomplete που χρησιμοποιείς
να ξέρεις ότι τα αρχεία σου ολόκληρα ή όχι δεν χάνονται με την καθαρή εγκατάσταση

03-06-05, 21:51
Μπαίνεις στο Shareaza Settings
Και σημειώνεις τα settings που έχεις βάλει.
Απαραίτητα κρατάς σημειώσεις σε ποιο φάκελο (directory) έχεις τα:

Shared Folder
Completed Files
Temporary Incomplete Files

κάνεις uninstall το παλιό Shareaza και μετά install την καινούρια version.
Αν δεν έχεις πειράξει τις directory θα εμφανιστούν οι ίδιες στα settings.
Αν όχι τότε τις αλλάζεις και κάνεις ένα restart το shareaza και θα εμφανιστούν όλα όπως ήταν με την παλιά version και θα συνεχιστεί το download από εκεί που το αφίσες.

Τα παραπάνω θέλουν προσοχή για τυχόν απώλειες μην μου φωνάξεις.
Εγώ αυτό έκανα και δούλεψε.

04-06-05, 04:32
ολα καλα ευχαριστω!!!

20-06-05, 17:46
η έκδοση κατεβάστε την από εδώ shareaza (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=110672&package_id=119725&release_id=336407)

αργότερα όταν βγει και το changrlog θα το ανεβάσω ;)

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