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Wag200g Annex A

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Uploaded by nnn - 22-04-07
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Το τελευταίο firmware της Linksys για το router Wag200g Ver 1.01.06 (ETSI) Annex A

Linksys, A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

Product: WAG200G Annex-A

Classification: Firmware Release History

Release Date: 17 December, 2007

Firmware Version: 1.01.06 (ETSI)

Language: Multi-language

Note: Not to be used with Annex B models (DE and E1)

- Fixes security issue with XSS and CSRF.
- Fixes issue with UPnP crash when opening 10+ port forwarding.
- Fixes issue with port 5190, 5566, 4443 opening.
- Fixes issue with DSL performance degradation when running P2P program for long time.
- Fixes issue with Access Restriction
- Use new Cisco/Linksys Logo.
- Added Single Port Forwarding entries to 20.

- Add 3 more portmapping fields on Port Forwarding
- Fixes issue with WAN connection not comming up after unplug/plug dsl cable back.
- Fixes issue with Setup Wizard security
- Fixes issue with UI display on 120 DPI.
- Avoides hard rebooting when making changes on 'Basic Setup' and 'Management' page.
- Add Brazilian Portuguese language.
- Updates new cisco Logo.
- Updates Help pages.

- Fixes issue with not displaying correct value in upstream/downstream transmit power in DSL Connection page
- Fixes issue with ATT VPN client not connecting to ATT VPN network
- Fixes issue with Security information disclosure for UDP port scan packet.

Note: If doesn't self-reboot after upgrade, power off/on WAG200G

- Fixes issue with no disconnect button when GUI language is German
- Fixes issue with Remote Management when WLAN is disabled
- Fixes issue with email address not taking letters '.', '-', and '_'.
- Fixes issue with PPTP connection when PPTP is behind WAG200G
- Fixes issue with Add/Edit services for blocked services
- Fixes issue with DDNS status showing connecting.

Note: If upgrade from current firmware to v1.01.01 is not possible, upgrade to v1.00.09 first.

- Fixes issue with incorrect port range for blocked services
- Fixes issue with WAN DHCP request/offer packet length
- Fixes issue with error for overlapping ports entries on blocked services
- Fixes issue with WAN DHCP LCP echo request
- Fixes issue with Device automatically connecting to the Internet during startup when Connect on Demand is configured
- Fixes issue with WEP key range restriction not enforced
- Fixes issue with incorrect range restriction for MTU Size
- Fixes issue with Internet LED lit when WAN interface disconnected
- Fixes issue with WEP 128-bit generating only 1 WEP Key through pass-phrase
- Fixes issue with PPPoE Connect on Demand not disconnecting after idle timeout period
- Adds incoming and outgoing logs to display network activity
- Adds multiple language feature to firmware, which can be changed without firmware upgrade

- Multi-language DE-EN-FR firmware
- To upgrade from previous firmware versions
1) Upgrade using firmware: WAG200G_V1.00.09_EN.img
2) Upgrade using firmware: WAG200G_A_1.00.09_International.img

- Initial Release

General Notes:
- This firmware is only for usage in Europe with WAG200G Annex A
- Disconnect all wireless clients from the Gateway during
the upgrade process. Make sure no wireless clients
attempt to associate with the Gateway until the upgrade
process is complete.


  • Wag200g Annex A


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