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Spa 3102 v. 5.1.7

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Νέο Firmware για το Voice Gateway Spa 3102 version 5.1.7
Release Notes for -- Linksys SPA-3102 5.1.7

3102 -- 1 Port FXS, 1 Port FXO, 2 Ethernet Interface

Copyright (C) 2007 by Linksys, a Division of Cisco Systems, Inc.

All Rights Reserved.

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New Features

### Since 5.1.7

- If REGISTER results in a 301 response with a Contact header
that has a maddr URI parameter, and if the <Outbound Proxy>
is an IP address, the SPA will change the outproxy proxy
address to the value of the maddr address. This value will
remain valid until the next 301 response, if any, or will
restore to the originally configured value upon reboot.

### version: 5.1.5(GWa)

### version: 5.1.5(GW)

### version: 5.1.1(GW)

- Added <Auth INVITE> option for Line 1/2 to enable challenging incoming initial INVITE requests

- Three parameters are added:
<Reg Retry Random Delay> = Random delay range (in seconds) to add to <Register Retry Intvl> when retrying REGISTER after a failure. Default is 0, which disables this feature

<Reg Retry Long Random Delay> = Random delay range (in seconds) to add to <Register Retry Long Intvl> when retrying REGISTER after a failure. Default is 0, which disables this feature

<Reg Retry Intvl Cap> = The maximum value to cap the expoential backoff retry delay (which starts at <Register Retry Intvl> and doubles every retry. Default value is 0, which disables the exponential backoff feature (i.e., error retry interval is always at <Register Retry Intvl>). If this feature is enabled, <Reg Retry Random Delay> is added on top of the exponential backoff delay value

- New feature added to re-validate the DHCP assigned IP address when application fails to communicate to the peer

Bug Fixes

### Since 5.1.7

- SDP in INVITE response, includes annexb=yes/no if present in
INVITE message

- Fixed this problem: A,B,C,D digits are dropped when dialing

### version: 5.1.5(GWa)

### version: 5.1.5(GW)

- _SIPTCP_ only: After back off when TCP connect is rejected by server, the default server port becomes always 0 and so re-connect will always fail without the TCP connect messages even attempted.

- Fixed: Line 1 fallback PSTN and Ring through does not work if either Line 1 or PSTN Line is set to use TCP or TLS as SIP transport.

- If keep alive msg is not a valid $SIP-METHOD macro and keep alive destination is $PROXY, and REGISTER is enabled, the keep alive message should be sent to the last Register destionation. But this didn't work.

### version: 5.1.1(GW)

- bug fix: dtmf detection for 2102/3102/9000T during conversation is too long. Calibrated to 60 ms for AVT and 90 ms for SIP-INFO.

- Include "replaces" in Supported header in outbound SIP messages and accept "replaces" in Require header in inbound SIP messages

- Fixed this bug: NOTIFY request for refer event during call transfer does not include subscription-state header that is required per RFC 3265

- If <NAT Keep Alive Msg> is not $PING, $NOTIFY, or $REGISTER), and <NAT Keep Alive Dest> is $PROXY, the unit should send the keep alive message to the same addressort as the last REGISTER message. But the unit didn't do that. Instead it resolves the current <Proxy> or <Outbound Proxy> address using DNS A Record and send the keep alive message there.

- Fixed this bug: SPA does not include RTP-Stat header in BYE after the BYE is challenged

- Fixed this bug: When unit fails over to secondary proxy during INVITE, the correspnding ACK might be sent to the primary if <Proxy Fallback Intvl> expires between the INVITE and the ACK.


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