Interior design resume - how to write a resume, instructions

The interior design profession is one of the most creative. Indeed, sometimes masters of their craft can convey all the inner world's beauty through the prism of a short video, a successful photo, a project thought out to the smallest detail.

Many employers approach the selection of candidates for the presented vacancy with particular care. An effective interior design resume, a sample of which will be considered in this article, helps the applicant find a chosen company job.

Today the work of a designer can be connected with many directions. Some specialists create original interiors, others draw sketches of fashionable clothes, and still, others design various sites' appearance. Therefore, for each designer, his creative resume may be slightly different. However, there is a template for some of the mandatory items that must be present in every business card.

Obligatory elements of the resume:

Personal data: full name, contact information, place of residence, date of birth.

Information about education: here, it is worth indicating not only a list of graduated universities, colleges, technical schools, but also additional self-development courses.

Work experience and achievements: based on this information, the employer should understand what you have been doing before and what potential you can represent for his company. 

Professional skills and abilities: briefly but succinctly describe how you can be useful to your future boss or customer.

Portfolio: the presence of examples of previous work not only increases your chances of being invited for an interview but is also a mandatory item for a designer's questionnaire, regardless of whether he works with furniture or his activities are related to printing.

References: While positive reviews from previous employers may not be as crucial as portfolios, their presence does not spoil the first impression.

  • You can indicate the required work schedule in the resume, and perhaps you are interested in part-time employment. The finished designer's resume can be expressed in a non-standard form in addition to the required information.

You can find an online constructor on many Internet resources that will help you easily create a business card for an applicant. If you are an interior design, your resume should be bright and exciting.

We propose to consider several examples of a non-standard approach to compiling a questionnaire:

  1. Infographics - highlighting individual sections in a completed questionnaire using bright colors, frames, fonts, etc., is the easiest way to draw attention to yourself.
  2. Letter - the majority of job seekers today post their resumes directly on job exchanges or send them to the employer's email. You can stand out by sending a printed form in an envelope by mail to the company's address.
  3. Magazine cover - this option may suit a designer or advertiser. All necessary information can be placed on the cover page of a glossy magazine.
  4. Video presentation - in a short video, you can present all those mandatory points discussed above.

However, remember that creativity is practical only when it is in moderation and when it is appropriate.

  • When describing previous jobs, it is worth focusing on job responsibilities and achievements. In the latter case, employers welcome the numbers. For example, indicate the maximum amount of income your interior design project generated.
  • So work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, with the time frames of the experience presented and the organizations' full name.
  • Some employers, when considering application forms, first of all, pay attention to the portfolio. This part of the document can tell about your professionalism and skills without words. Therefore, we recommend that you attach a portfolio made up of the most successful examples of work.
  • Since this profession is multifaceted, it cannot be said that employers are looking for specialists only with higher education. Sometimes, after completing only web design courses, you can achieve a decent career growth.

In any case, the section should indicate true information about education. It would also be useful to display information about the various training and seminars for advanced training.

  • Employers pay special attention to the skills and knowledge of the applicant. It is worthwhile to correctly and indicate the list of professional skills relevant for obtaining the desired position.

Remember that what has not caught the attention of one employer may please another. Therefore, do not be afraid to send a questionnaire to several companies.