The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Optional quest: Wine Fight and Brotherly Love. Number 2

Keep track of their long-range attacks and act directly near them, supporting the Aard sign (stuns enemies for a moment). After the battle, go to the nest and throw a firework at it.

In one of the habitats of the enemies you will also come across a human body. Near him you will find a letter - if you helped Matilda find the previous evidence, the next Wine Wars: The Unclean Game quest will appear in the magazine.

At a point in the north you will come across a group of bandits who keep a woman in a cave. Go inside to deal with enemies and talk with a girl. It turns out that this is a trader selling ingredients and alchemical recipes. In the last paragraph, you will meet two trolls - in addition to the usual attacks, they can attack and throw stones at a distance. It’s best to take a few hits, bounce back and attack again. Do not make long series because opponents will block them.

At the bridge you will find the human body, near it you will find a note and a key

Having dealt with all the problems, you can go to the winery and say that Liam’s problems are fixed. Thus, he will launch the quest Wine Wars: Belgaard. You can also continue the investigation by helping Matilda and completing the quest Wine Wars: Unclean Game.

Geralt's complementary mission is to help several brothers resolve the conflict.

You can start the task after reading the corresponding announcement on the bulletin board (a message called Escort required). After studying this letter, go to the marked place.

Having reached the place, go to the cave. Two men will run out of him and say that the third is Hugo, attacked by monsters. Before accepting an order, you can raise the bid for its execution.

Inside you will come across a group of kikimor workers - try to pull them to the entrance and destroy them one by one. After you enter a little deeper, a kikimora warrior will appear. Deal with the monsters, then go deep into the cave and with the help of the Witcher's feelings begin to search for Hugo.

On earth you must find a bloodied sword and bloodstains. Jump to the ledge and continue until you reach the Hugo. He will tell you a story about how the brothers wanted to kill him in order to get the last part of the distiller. You can help him in his search or say that you are returning.

If you decide to help him, head to a nearby lake, use the Quen shield to protect him from the heat, then plunge and use your senses to find the red filter with which you will return to the Hugo. You will receive 100 CZK for finding it.

Regardless of whether you found the filter or not, return to the entrance to the cave. After talking with Hugo, decide whether you want to attack his brothers or not. In the first case, you have to deal with hunters, and then with customers - after that, you will not receive any payment.

The second option is to resolve the issue peacefully. After the conversation, the brothers get along, and you get money from them. In addition, only by choosing this option, you will gain the power of wisdom associated with the mission "Path of Fate." Create your own chat room and post a link to a social network, blog or forum to invite people. Everyone will be able to log in, registration is not required. The rooms have a privacy setting, live webcam sex — anonymous chat service. Here you can chat one-on-one with new people, completely anonymously!